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How to Become a Seller on ezbuy?

ezbuy seller

Are you currently looking for options to earn an extra income? Why not try to become a seller on ezbuy! It is a famous home-grown company which sells consumer products from overseas to local customers.

This platform is the easiest way for those of you who want to gain extra income. Moreover, it also helps in giving you experiences in starting your own business!

Today we will be guiding you on how to become a seller on ezbuy. Continue reading to find out more.




1.     First off, you’ll have to go through registration to become a seller. Send an email to [email protected].

  • Once your registration is complete, ezbuy’s onboarding specialists will work together with you to take your brand live.
  • Then, when your brand is already live, you can start updating your inventory and start selling. You will start getting orders from their large customer base.
  • When you’ve received the orders, keep your supplies ready. Those under ezbuy will help to pick, pack and ship your goods to the customers for you.
  • You can start earning with the regular settlements and working capital support; these can help in growing your brand.

And that’s about it! Follow these steps on how to become a seller on ezbuy and get your business going today!

You can download the ezbuy app on either Google Play or App Store for your mobile phones. You may also browse their official website here.


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