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How to view CIMB Clicks bank statement?

Cimb clicks Bank Statement

The bank statement is an essential document for many procedures, such as providing wealth information, reconciling bank accounts, and tracking unauthorized transactions. In usual settings, bank statement can also act as a monthly spending record to track your expenditures.

This article provides a step-by-step guide on accessing your CIMB Clicks bank statement.


Accessing CIMB Clicks e-Statement

  1. Visit the CIMB Clicks login page and log in to your CIMB Clicks account.
  2. On the left margin of the webpage, select ‘My Account’. 
  3. Click on ‘e-Statement’, followed by ‘View e-Statement’. 
  4. Next, select the month’s e-statement that you want to view.
  5. Download the e-statement. 

Accessing CIMB Clicks Paper Statement

Alternatively, users can also have their bank statements posted to their residential addresses. However, starting from 1st October 2019, CIMB Bank will charge RM1 monthly for hardcopies bank statements.

To avoid being charged, CIMB bank cardholders can opt for e-statements by contacting the CIMB customer service hotline at +603-6204 7788 or visiting the nearest CIMB branch

Users who are receiving e-statements and emailed statements can also opt for hard copies of their bank and credit card statements. To do so, they can contact the CIMB customer service hotline at +603-6204 7788, or visit the nearest CIMB branch.

e-Statements are Different from Emailed Statements

While the e-Statements show the monthly expenses of your CIMB Clicks accounts, email statements indicate your monthly credit card expenditures. Similarly, you can have your credit card statements posted to your house, and a monthly fee of RM1 will be charged.

CIMB credit cardholders can opt for e-statements by contacting the CIMB customer service hotline at +603-6204 7788 or visiting the nearest CIMB branch. The same can also be done to update or change email addresses. 

If you opt for e-statements for your credit cards, you will receive emails monthly from CIMB Malaysia Estatement ([email protected]). To avoid receiving those emails in the spam or junk folders, you can add the email address to your contact list or address book.

The emailed credit card statements are free and password protected. To view the credit card statements, you will have to insert your password. 

For more information on Cimbclicks bank statement, visit the CIMB Clicks webpage or the FAQ section.

Alternatively, you can also visit the nearest CIMB branch, or dial the customer service hotline at +603-6204 7788.

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