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Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Malaysia [Updated 2024]


Looking to establish your business online? Try diving into digital marketing. 

Digital marketing is a branch of marketing which uses the internet and online-based digital technologies to promote products and services. Basically, when a marketing campaign involves digital technologies, it is called digital marketing.

For effective digital marketing, consider looking into this list of Malaysia-based digital marketing agencies we have compiled to help you with your campaign.


1. Walk Production

With a diverse number of clients, Walk Production is a digital marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia. The digital marketing agency  provides a comprehensive digital marketing services to businesses in Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. The company aims to aid your brand in establishing a strong online presence with services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, content marketing, B2B digital marketing, website development and more. The agency strives to provide your company with growth with the help of their services.


2. DWP Digital

Based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, DWP Digital is a full-service Malaysia digital marketing agency, expertising in comprehensive digital solutions for your business to thrive. The company provides multiple services for digital marketing, including social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), website design and more. Fully dedicated to their craft, the company aims to deliver impactful results to the market, especially to their ambitious clients.


3. Grey Malaysia

As one of the industry veterans, Grey Global Advertising has a long list of creative services for your business, including digital marketing. With four different categories of service consisting of intelligence, content and stories, experiences and delivery, the company is acclaimed by various businesses and brands all over the world, with Malaysia being one of its locations. Established in 1917, Grey Malaysia aims to solve business problems with creativity, which is sure to aid your digital marketing inquiries for your business.


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4. Kingdom Digital

Kingdom Digital is a multi-award-winning digital agency with an extensive portfolio in Malaysia. Their motto of building relationships by humanising brands is proven to be effective as they provide comprehensive digital services, ranging from social media marketing to even video productions. The company also values creativity, culture and commitment in assuring the best for the clients’ satisfaction.


5. Team Lewis

Branding themselves as a full service global communications and PR agency, Team Lewis strives to provide well-calculated services for digital marketing. Their approach includes extensive research and analysis on the purpose of the buying power, aiming to craft a comprehensive plan for their clients. With an extensive portfolio, the company is sure to satisfy your inquiries with diverse digital marketing services such as content marketing, influencer marketing and many more.


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6. Ada Asia

With ten locations across Asia, Ada Asia is a data-driven digital company which provides solutions for your digital inquiries. The company provides a wide-range of services including business insights, data enrichment and also marketing services. With research and effective usage of data, the company aims to shape strategic and tactical business decisions, in hopes of a boost of online presence.


7. Admiral Digital

A technology-enabled full service digital marketing agency, Admiral Digital aims to craft digital customer experiences which deliver results. Their digital marketing services include digital strategy, performance marketing, SEO, newsletter marketing and email automation as well as content strategy and graphic design. With a team of experts and a number of satisfied clients, the company is sure to aid your digital marketing needs for the performance of your business.


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8. Spin Communication

Spin Communication aims to prioritise the relationship between customers and business as their main approach in their expertise. The company provides a wide-range of services, including advertising, digital marketing social, media marketing as well as experiential marketing. With a unique approach, the company might just be the answer to your digital marketing inquiries for your business.


9. McCann Erickson

With over 100 years of experience, McCann Erickson is one of the top advertising agency networks, with multiple global offices across the continents. With an impressive portfolio, the company aims to help in building brands with long-lasting impact on culture. The company also strives to help businesses to grow exponentially with their best strategies as well as creative services.

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10. Gapture Malaysia

A reputable company with multiple awards, Gapture Malaysia aims to assist your digital marketing inquiries with their solid team of experts. The company is determined to provide an effective service by understanding clients’ behaviour, market insights as well as the structure of the business. With a respectable portfolio, the company is ready to deliver the best result for your digital marketing issues.



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