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Ezbuy Seller Guide: How to Sell on Ezbuy

Ezbuy Seller Guide-How to Sell on Ezbuy

Catering specifically to the South East Asia market, Ezbuy—formerly 65daigou— has become one of the largest eCommerce platforms, thanks to its large user base of sellers and buyers. Priding themselves on their user-friendly interface and low rate of commission fees, Ezbuy is an ideal platform for those who wish to sell their products.

Ezbuy’s market boasts many categories which include clothing, baby supplies, and even automotive parts, so you don’t have to worry about if there’s a market for your products. 

Now if you’re ready to sell on Ezbuy, read on, and we will guide you through it!


1. Initiate contact

Initiate contact

To start your selling journey on Ezbuy, you’ll have to create an account first. To do so, you could either contact Ezbuy via email ([email protected]) or call them up at SG 63059664. Before you contact them, do run through this list to check if you are qualified to be a seller on Ezbuy:

  • Intend to sell products of good quality and reputation
  • Have products that are of reasonable and competitive pricing
  • Have a vast product category and sufficient inventory
  • Promise a productive business with frequent updates and speedy shipping
  • Promise a highly transparent and cooperative performance

If your business fulfils all of these, contact them, and inform them of your wish to become a seller.

2. Submit documents

Submit documents

With that done, the next step is submitting the relevant documents. The documents needed include your business registration and bank account details. When you have compiled these documents, send them to Ezbuy.

3. Wait for verification

After you’ve sent in your details and documents, it is time to wait. Give Ezbuy some time to review your documents and wait for their response. Once Ezbuy accepts your business, they will outline the fees involved in putting up your business on the platform. If you agree to the terms, proceed to verify your account.


4. Account created successfully

Account created successfully

After you have verified your Ezbuy account, give yourself a little pat on the back as your account has been created successfully!

5. Start selling

Start selling

Now that you are an official seller on Ezbuy, you can start listing your products on the platform!


6. Expanding business further

Expanding business further

Later on, if you find that your business is doing well and wish to take your business to the next level, you can opt to make a contract with Ezbuy.

7. Registration


To do this, you have to go through another registration process. Email Ezbuy at [email protected] to notify them, and they will get back to you about whether your request has been accepted.

8. Aid from onboarding specialists

Aid from onboarding specialists

Once you have been accepted by Ezbuy, their team of onboarding specialists will work with you to take your brand live.

9. Update inventory

With the advice and guidance from these specialists, you can work on updating your inventory. After that is done, you will start receiving orders from a more extensive customer base.

10. Supply


Once you begin receiving orders, the delivery process is easy. What you have to do is ensure that your products are in-stock and ready, and Ezbuy will do the rest! From picking and packing to shipping out your products, Ezbuy will do them for you so that you can enjoy a completely hassle-free shipment. 

11. Earn


Finally, with a contract with Ezbuy, you will receive regular settlements and working capital support that you can use to help grow your brand further. Having this benefit is immensely helpful for your business development, so if you are serious about enlarging your business, you should definitely consider contracting with Ezbuy.

Now that you know the basics of how to sell on Ezbuy, it is time to put what you have learned into practice! If you enjoyed this article, do visit LokaPost for more finance and business-related articles.


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