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30 Ways to Make Money Online in Malaysia

30 Ways to Make Money Online in Malaysia

If the only exercise you do is running out of money, you might need to earn some side incomes for your savings.

Savings is one of the most important assets, especially during emergencies. With the help of the internet, it is easy to earn side incomes.

Check out how you can make money online in Malaysia!


1. Build a website

A quick and easy way to start earning online dollars is by creating a unique website.

This is by far one of the most popular ways in making money online.

Nowadays, with website-building softwares such as SquarespaceWordPress and Wix, you don’t need coding skills to create a professional and creative webpage.

Without having to worry about the technical aspects of your website, you will have more time to focus on the contents and attract potential clients.

2. Create content

Next on the list on how to make money online in Malaysia is creating contents.

In this golden era of social media, contents are essential sources of incomes.

Content creators, such as bloggers, video creators, social media influencers, and writers earn profits via advertisements, sales, and donations.

Make one of your hobbies into your part-time job! It can be painting, writing, photographing, video editing; you name it!

All you need is a social media account to show off your work.

Alternatively, look for marketing companies that are hiring content writers. For example, Trueventus.

3. Online tutoring

Do you enjoy teaching?

Consider sharing your knowledge online! It’s time to make use of your academic qualifications to tutor your juniors and peers.

Through online tutoring, you do not only get to help students in need, but you can also earn side incomes!

At a minimum of RM8 an hour, tutoring 2 or 3 students a day enables you to make a few hundred on a monthly basis.  


4. Sponsorship on Instagram

What can you make of the thousands of followers on your Instagram account?

Use it to your advantage by obtaining sponsorships. Many products or services companies offer sponsorships to appeal to a broader range of audiences.

Don’t be shy to reach out to companies for sponsorship projects and opportunities.

Get yourself some paid review deals or sponsorships on advertising posts.

5. Dropship

An e-marketplace is no longer a new trend.

In Malaysia, there is a wide array of online business platforms, ranging from e-marketplaces such as Lazada and Shopee to social media like Instagram and Facebook.

For online business owners to sell in bulk, they need dropship agents to promote and generate more orders.

That’s where you come in. Search for dropship job opportunities on e-marketplaces or social media and earn money by advertising business and taking orders.

And just like that – you can easily make money online in Malaysia. For example, you can check out Kumoten to find produts to dropship.


6. Answer surveys

Before launching a product or service, many companies require real customers’ feedbacks to identify and address the demands in the industry’s market.

Hence, some companies pay to hear what you think.

Check out these online platforms where you can get paid by answering surveys.

Here’s a useful tip: always check if you’re eligible to participate in the studies before you start contributing opinions. 

7. Share your skills

This is yet another way to earn side income through your hobbies and skills.

Use your qualifications to conduct online classes and workshops.

Some common examples include teaching musical instruments, carpentry works, artistic crafts, as well as baking and cooking classes.

Conduct your classes or workshops either on a one-on-one basis or in groups. 

8. Sell things online

Social media is an excellent platform to sell your work, be it artwork, food, or even second-hand products.

Showcase and promote your DIY projects online to attract potential customers.

On the other hand, you can also sell on e-commerce platforms such as Carousell, Shopee, and Lazada. Handmade and DIY products flaunt a strong sense of individuality.

Let your creative juices flow and create a unique brand for your products. 

9. Cashback

This topic was all the rage for the past two years!

The concept of spending money to get money was beyond comprehension for many. If you spend wisely, you can save up a lot of money through cashback.

Download e-wallet mobile applications, such as Touch n’ Go and Big Pay.

Be prepared to enjoy cashback benefits when you spend using these e-wallets.

What’s next? Use your cashback to pay your bills, buy your groceries, and so on!

This is how you can earn while you spend. Don’t miss out on these great deals!

10. Become a Youtuber

YouTube is one of the best income sources for those who enjoy video editing and content creating.

To begin with, explore a wide array of video genres on YouTube, or better yet, create a unique style for your YouTube channel.

Some of the popular genres include entertainment (music, artwork, comedy), lifestyle (vlogs, beauty, nutrition, exercise), and academic (facts sharing, tutoring). 

11. Start a podcast

For those who are vocal about their thoughts and perspectives, a podcast is an effective platform to be heard.

Create a podcast channel on any social media and start generating content to earn subscribers.

Don’t forget to also reach out to product or service companies to obtain sponsorships. 

12. Transcribe audio files at home

Being fluent in a language can help to generate some extra cash. Reach out to these transcribing companies and get yourself a part-time job.

Your job scope can be as simple as this: listening to audio files and putting their contents into written forms. 

13. Proofread articles

Proofreading software such as Grammarly comes in handy for written content creators.

However, digital proof-readers have yet to register creative uses of languages within a cultural context.

Therefore, to appeal to their customers, many companies are on the hunt for freelancers to edit their written works.

Search for a freelance writing job or create an online platform to promote your writing and editing ability.

Example of a freelancing platform which you can visit is Upwork.

14. Data entry jobs

If you’re detail-oriented, it is advisable to look for data entry jobs.

These occupations involve converting data information into electronic formats.

Digital literacy is an essential aspect of data entry jobs. Spreadsheets, word processing, and other specific software are conventional data entry mediums for the occupation. 

15. Rent or sell your clothes

Through platforms like and Carousell, fashionistas and fashion gurus can easily sell their designed clothes and accessories.

On a side note, clothes that are out of style don’t have to go into the bin.

Snap pictures of your old clothes and post them on e-marketplaces. Someone else out there is willing to pay for your second-hand clothes. 

16. Edit videos

Instead of being in the frame, those who are camera shy can opt for video editing jobs.

Don’t be afraid to reach out to your favourite influencers and Youtubers. Showcase your video editing capabilities and offer to work for them.

Alternatively, become a freelance video editor and create videos in major functions and events, such as weddings, graduations, and exhibitions.   

17. Get on Twitch

If you’re an avid gamer, get on Twitch and stream while you play. On average, every 100 views give you $100.

As long as you keep your contents engaging and read sponsored advertisements, you’re in for the big bucks!

18. Zumba classes online

Once you’ve gotten your Zumba accreditation, start your classes online!

Through social media, you can either conduct live-streaming classes or post videos for each Zumba session.

This occupation requires minimal video editing skills. Keep an eye on Spotify’s Top Hits and come out with creative Zumba moves! 

19. Translating

Thanks to Malaysia’s multiracial identity, most Malaysians are bilingual, and many have established a fluency in at least two languages.

It’s time to utilise this ability to your advantage. Search for translating jobs online and start earning!

20. Compose subtitles

Another way to make money online in Malaysia is through composing subtitles. This is yet another income source for bilingual and multilingual individuals.

Foreign films, such as Korean dramas, Anime, and Hollywood movies, have been establishing and growing their fanbase in Malaysia.

If you speak and write foreign languages fluently, compose or translate subtitles for side incomes!

What’s more? You’ll get to know the plot before anyone else!

21. Sell your photos

Creditable photography skills can go a long way.

Offer professional photography services in various functions, such as weddings and exhibitions.

Fellow photographers can also get hired for modelling and marketing photo shooting sessions.

Besides, some photographers sell their photographs in various forms. There are electronic forms, such as wallpapers and e-postcards, as well as printed forms, such as canvas and framed photos. 

22. Airbnb

Do you have a spare room in your house?

Turn them into Airbnb units and use those rooms to your advantage!

Upload pictures of your vacant rooms on social media or tourism websites.

Host tourists and expose yourself to different cultures all around the world while earning money!

23. Brand Deals

Brand dealing is another famous way to make money online in Malaysia.

Moreover, it’s also an effective way to make use of your social media followers is through multiple brand deals.

If you have a broad audience, reach out to different brands and negotiate brand deals.

While your followers get discounts, you can also earn commissions every time someone uses your code. 

24. Sell your designs online

Bring your artistic talents to another level by selling them online!

Use your artwork or skills to design various items, such as bags, clothes, canvas, mugs, logos, and many more. 

25. Member’s subscription

If you specialize in a field of knowledge, such as linguistics, fitness, and painting, it is an excellent option to create member’s subscriptions.

Once you’ve established your public platform, be it a website or a social media, you can create contents that are exclusively for your paid members. 

26. Charge your lesson plans

Teachers must commit to daily lesson plans for each of their classes.

If you’re creative and have unique lesson plans, grab the opportunities to sell them!

Lighten the burden of fellow educators while inspiring and engaging students with innovative teaching methods.

27. Online stylist

Not everyone is gifted with the knack for fashion. If you’re a fashion enthusiast, create a social media account to showcase your best outfits.

Then, offer fashion services to your audiences! Earn money by giving fashion advice or even select clothing for your clients! 

28. Write

Are you good at writing engaging stories? Post your pieces on sites like Radish and Kindle.

Readers must pay fees to continue reading, and that’s how you can earn by writing creative contents.

29. Rent out your car

If you find yourself using public transports rather than your vehicle, rent your car!

Platforms like Kwikcar allow you to rent your rarely used vehicles and generate incomes.

When you need to use your car, disable the renting function anytime! 

30. Coaching and motivation

Whether you’re a good listener or an outstanding motivational speaker, sell your services by coaching and motivating clients.

Promote your ability on social media and websites. You can also write motivational quotes or film motivational speeches and put them online!

Thus, these are 30 ways to make online in Malaysia that are popular for people of all ages.

We hope this list is useful for those who are looking for side income sources.

Many might think that it’s impossible to make money online when you’re in Malaysia; but that’s completely false.

Give these platforms and methods a try and good luck!

If you’re a student, take a read on 10 Ways for Students to Earn Extra Cash in Malaysia.


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