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Best Medical Card in Malaysia

Best Medical Card in Malaysia

In recent years, we have noticed a rapid increase in not only health risks but also the costs of healthcare services. Studies have shown that due to the lack of healthcare insurance at work, more than a third of Malaysians are making out-of-pocket healthcare payments. This scenario put the citizens’ financial well-being at risks. 

Therefore, protecting the health and financial well-being of yourself and your loved ones is as important as ever. To do so, you will need to own a medical card that suits the needs of you and your family members. In this article, we will be sharing useful tips on selecting a quality medical card from a reliable insurance company, followed by the eight best medical cards in Malaysia. 


Characteristics of a Quality Medical Card

With so many medical cards and confusing insurance jargon in the market, you might find it challenging to select medical insurance that suits your needs. To simplify the selecting process, you can first identify high-quality medical cards based on their characteristics. With that said, let’s go through the top 4 features of a quality medical card. 

i. Full Surgery Reimbursement 

Full Surgery Reimbursement

Most medical cards do not provide full coverage of medical costs. Many insurance policies subject expenses to co-insurance and deductibles. In either case, clients and insurers will split the medical costs. 

Although co-insurance and deductibles lead to a lower premium, it might only be suitable for healthy individuals. When it comes to frequent and expensive medical procedures, such as surgeries, it is advisable to find medical cards that provide full surgery reimbursement. 

ii. High Insurance Limits

High Insurance Limits

An insurance limit is the amount of money you can claim from your insurance company during a covered loss. Therefore, with higher insurance limits come more and longer coverage. While looking at the insurance limits of medical cards, don’t forget to pay close attention to the lifetime limits and annual limits. 

A lifetime limit determines the maximum amount of money you can claim from your insurer throughout your lifetime. Likewise, an annual limit is the total amount of money your insurer can pay you within a year. Both lifetime limits and annual limits affect how much and when you can claim money from your medical card. 


iii. Accessible Panel Hospitals

Accessible Panel Hospitals

When choosing a medical card, you should also take into consideration the list of panel hospitals. Besides identifying the limits of your medical coverage, you should also ensure that the medical coverage is accessible for you. 

This feature is especially crucial for individuals who frequently travel, be it within the country or across national borders. A quality medical card should offer protection to a certain extent when you’re in foreign countries.  

iv. Outpatient Cancer Treatment

Outpatient Cancer Treatment

Many insurance policies offer outpatient treatments for regular medical services, such as medical checkups, physiotherapy, and clinic visits. However, little medical cards provide outpatient cancer treatments.

Cancer treatments can be expensive, especially when they are administered frequently over a long period. Hence, having a medical card that covers cancer treatments can be very useful in maintaining your financial well-being if you have been diagnosed with cancer. 


Top 8 Medical Insurance Cards in Malaysia 

As of 2020, there are innumerous medical cards offered by many insurance companies in Malaysia. While choosing the right medical card for you can be confusing, it does not have to be. Therefore, we have sorted out some of the best medical cards in Malaysia that suit your healthcare needs. 

1. Allianz MediSafe Infinite+ Medical Card

Allianz MediDafe Infinite+ Medical Card

This medical card allows you to enjoy an extensive range of healthcare services at flexible deductible levels. While this plan has an annual limit of RM2.5 million, there is no lifetime limit to this medical card. There are 79 panel hospitals in the list of this medical card. 

Besides covering extensive cancer treatments and pregnancy medical services, this insurance also offers full coverage on surgical fees, pre-hospitalization consultation fees, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) expenditures, post-hospitalization treatment fees, and so on. Complete coverage is also provided for anaesthetist fees, operating theatre fees, ambulance fees, and outpatient kidney dialysis treatment expenditures. 

2. Zurich MedicaGen 200 Medical Card

Zurich MedicaGen 200

Different from many other medical cards, Zurich MedicaGen 200 Medical Card has added personal accident coverage. Both the annual limit and lifetime limit of this medical card are RM120k. This insurance policy has 84 panel hospitals on its list. 

Similar to Allianz’s medical card, full coverage is provided for anaesthetist fees, operating theatre fees, ambulance fees, surgical fees, pre-hospitalization consultation fees, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) expenditures and post-hospitalization treatment fees. However, this medical card only provides RM36k and RM72k coverage for kidney dialysis treatment and cancer treatment, respectively. 

3. Manulife ManuEZ-Med Medical Card

Manulife ManuEZ-Med

This medical card has an annual limit of RM250k and a lifetime limit of RM2.5 million. It provides an extensive coverage age that ranges from 17 years old to 99 years old. Unlike Zurich’s medical card, Manulife ManuEZ-Med Medical Card offers full coverage on cancer treatments and kidney dialysis treatments.

Full coverage is also offered for day surgeries, anaesthetist fees, ambulance fees, operating theatre fees, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) expenditures, and post-hospitalization treatment fees. Up to RM1k can be claimed for emergency accidental outpatient treatments. Meanwhile, up to RM100k can be claimed for medical evacuation and repatriation. 

4. AXA Affin eMedic Medical Card

AXA Affin eMedic

In light of the current global pandemic, AXA Affin eMedic Medical Card offers extensive coverage of medical services and full coverage for COVID-19. There is no lifetime limit for this insurance plan, while the annual limit is RM100k. The coverage age of this medical card ranges from 15 days to 80 years old. So far, this medical card has the most panel hospitals, which is 101. 

Like the other medical cards, there is full coverage for the standard medical services such as ambulance fees, surgical fees, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) fees, and so on. What sets this medical card apart from the others is the full coverage on physiotherapy, prescription drugs, and pre-hospitalization diagnostic tests. 

5. Prudential PRUValue Med Medical Card

Prudential PRUValue Med

This medical card is one of the very few insurance plans in Malaysia that offer no annual and lifetime limits. There are 93 panel hospitals, and the coverage age is from 14 gestational weeks to 100 years old. While this medical card provides full coverage on many standard medical services mentioned above, many features make this insurance policy worth considering.  

It is worth mentioning that full coverage is provided for outpatient treatments, including kidney dialysis and cancer treatment. Besides, up to RM6k can be claimed for emergency accidental outpatient treatments. This medical card also has added pregnancy protection that offers up to RM5k for pregnancy complication fees. Some other features include insured child guardian benefit, home nursing care, and intraocular lens. 

6. AIA A-Plus Health Medical Card

AIA A-Plus Health

With an annual limit of RM2 million and no lifetime limit, this insurance policy provides coverage on a wide range of medical services. It has 94 panel hospitals and offers full coverage on general medical services, such as surgical fees, anesthetist fees, operating theatre fees, Intensive Care Unit (ICU) fees, and so on. 

Different from the other medical cards, AIA A-Plus Health Medical Card provides full coverage on a wider range of outpatient treatments. Such coverage includes kidney dialysis treatments, cancer treatments, and stroke treatments. Better than Prudential, up to RM10k can be claimed for pregnancy complication medical fees. Full coverage is also available for emergency dental treatments, accidental outpatient treatments, traditional medical treatments, and cosmetic treatments. 

7. Great Eastern Smart Medic Medical Card

Great Eastern Smart Medic

This medical card is a rider for Great Eastern’s investment-related insurance plans. It has an annual limit of RM200k and a lifetime limit of RM2 million. The age of coverage ranges from 30 days to 79 years old. This insurance plan has only 59 panel hospitals, which makes it one of the medical cards that has the least panel hospitals. 

A 10% co-insurance is required for many standard medical services, including pre-hospitalization diagnostic tests, surgical fees, pre-hospitalization consultation, anaesthetist fees, operating theatre fees, and organ transplant. The outpatient treatments, which are kidney dialysis and cancer treatments, are also subjected to a 10% co-insurance. In cases of accidental death, up to RM20k can be claimed. 

8. Takaful myClick MediCare Medical Card

Takaful myClick MediCare

This medical card has an annual limit of RM100k with no lifetime limit. This medical insurance card has 98 panel hospitals across Malaysia and provides full coverage on almost all standard medical services. Some examples include anaesthetist fees, operating theatre fees, ambulance fees, surgical fees, pre-hospitalization consultation fees, and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) expenditures.

There is also full coverage for outpatient kidney dialysis treatment and outpatient cancer treatment. If you’re admitted into a government hospital, you are eligible for a daily cash allowance of maximum RM100. 

This sums up the features of an excellent medical card and the top 8 best medical insurance cards in Malaysia. When you shop for a medical card, do keep these guidelines in mind so that you can select an insurance plan that suits all your healthcare needs. 

We hope you find this article helpful. If you enjoy reading this article, discover more useful financing and banking articles via Lokapost and more!


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