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10 Best SEO Companies in Malaysia (Updated 2020)

10 Best SEO Companies in Malaysia (Updated 2020)

Have you ever wondered how your online search engine works?

When you type in keywords on the browser’s search bar, you get millions of recommended links within a matter of seconds.

What’s more? The most accurate results will always end up right at the top of the web page. But how does your browser know precisely what you need? 

Well, the links that pop up are modified by a system called SEO, which is short for Search Engine Optimisation. 

Each time you key in words onto the search bar, multiple crawlers are sent to the online realm.

Within seconds, these crawlers pick up search results and display them according to relevancy.

SEO plays an essential role in this feature, as it determines which websites show up first on the browser. 

With SEO plug-ins, website owners can increase user traffic on their webpages. This is especially useful for businesses that require more exposures to consumers. 

If you’re managing an online platform, such as blogs and websites, many SEO focused companies can optimise your website’s contents and increase user traffic.

In this article, we have provided you with some of the best SEO companies in Malaysia. Please have a read and check them out!


1. Walk Production

Walk Production
Image Credit: Walk Production

If you’re looking for an experienced agency to boost your contents’ exposures, Walk Production can be the best option.

They’ve worked with multiple companies from various industries and are best at generating SEO- friendly content and websites.

Besides, they also offer other services like branding consultation, web designs, and many more.

This agency makes for one of the best brand-building choices, especially for growing businesses that require unique branding.

Check out their website and get a quote here!

2. iBizClicks

Image Credit: Bring More Business to Your Online Presence | iBizClicks

This is also a famous SEO company in Malaysia.

With more than 10 years of experience, this agency promises contents that are not only SEO friendly but also suitable for Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEM-centric contents tend to reach broader audiences without affecting the precision of search results. 

iBizClicks partners with GoogleAds to ensure that your company gains the most traction through increased visibility. They’ve also got an excellent team of SEO-focused writers to help you generate quality contents.

Book a free consultation here

3. Shock Media Studio

Shock Media Studio
Image Credit: Shock Media Studio

Being experts in the SEO industry, this company is an excellent option for new and growing businesses.

Not only do they create SEO driven content, but they’re also great at generating profit through keywords. 

In other words, instead of solely producing highest-ranking contents, they also promise to convert website traffics to profits.

Click here for more information on how they generate SEO driven materials that can make earnings while increasing traffic!


4. Adam SEO

Image Credit: Adam Search Marketing

The SEO team in Adam SEO are specialised in generating contents that are relatable to all Malaysians.

By focusing on targeted audiences, this agency guarantees to double the traffic you already have! 

To work with them, you can express your concerns and needs to have them fulfilled.

Alternately, you can let them review your website, and allow them to recommend possible changes to generate more traffic. 

This agency is good at attracting new users and retaining existing users by creating useful contents.

Reach out to them for more information here

5. SEO Company Malaysia

SEO Company Malaysia
Image Credit: SEO Company Malaysia

With outstanding SEO teams come excellent contents and profits.

SEO Company Malaysia is committed to helping you get the most out of their SEO services at an affordable price. 

They are known for their quality customer services and the ability to fulfil every client’s needs.

This agency also specialises in digital marketing and marketing campaigns to help boost your website traffic. If you’re a brand-new company who is unfamiliar with the SEO industry, this agency offers to create contents that traffic.

Check them out here!



Image Credit: LOCUS-T

LOCUS-T creates contents and websites that appeal to targeted consumer groups.

Before modifying your website contents, they will first conduct a thorough research on your website’s performance. This allows them to target and resolve the weaknesses of your website.  

An updated and user-friendly web interface often guarantees continuous user traffic.

Keeping this in mind, LOCUS-T optimises your website contents by allowing them to be featured on multiple industries and platforms.

Contact them here. 

7. Itech47

Image Credit: Itech47

Besides having Google-certified SEO team members, Itech47 is also known to be an expert in Google AdWords, which guarantees increased traction on your website.

They also offer website building services for companies that are new to online platforms. With a team of experienced web engineers, rest assured that your website will grow in no time!

Visit their website for more information. 

8. Nexus Mediaworks 

Nexus Mediaworks
Image Credit: Nexus Mediaworks International Sdn. Bhd.

Focusing on both local and international markets, this agency has a team of SEO experts who know precisely how to boost your brand visibility.

In addition to optimising content, they also generate a monthly report regarding the performance of your website.

Their thorough reports come with detailed suggestions on how to boost traffic on your website.

To learn more, click here


Image Credit: TNT SEO

TNT first identifies your target audiences before recommending customised solutions to boost your content rankings on search engines.

This agency offers a tailored solution to optimise your website contents and appeal to your targeted audiences.

Moreover, they also provide a wholesome content marketing plan where they generate articles and blogs to increase your company’s exposure in the industry. 

Additionally, they will offer to do an SEO audit before they start working with you. This agency promises monthly updates regarding your website performance, guaranteeing growth on your website traffic.

Learn more about TNT SEO here

10. Media Novas

Media Novas
Image Credit: MediaNovas

Media Novas offers a variety of services to help make the most out of your website.

With a social media management team, they guarantee a customised approach to increasing your brand’s visibility. 

This agency also promises profit through Pay Per Click (PPC) ads that are both intriguing and audience–centred.

In addition to quality content writing, this agency will provide an online reputation management team to monitor the performance of your website carefully.

Based on their observations, they can then identify and address the weaknesses of your website.

Click here to learn more. 

Thus, these are the 10 best SEO companies in Malaysia.

Check out their websites and call ahead to see if your brand vision fits theirs! Be prepared for increased traffic an exposure for your brand.

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