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Top 10 Social Media Management Agency in Malaysia [2024]

Social Media Manager

Do you run a social media page but have no idea what you’re doing?  Especially when the current world is so involved in technology!  Managing a social media account for your brand can be difficult without the right guidance.  But what if you could hire Malaysian social media agencies to handle that for you?  That’s right, you’ll no longer fumble your fingers cluelessly on your keyboard. 

Many social media agencies in Malaysia are the perfect solution to your problems, and we’ve compiled them here for you. 


1. Walk Production

Walk Production is a Malaysia social media marketing agency based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.  The social media marketing agency features a talented team of digital designers, creative writers, digital marketers and business consultants for your brand’s growth. 

Walk Production also believes in fostering the relationship between brands and their audiences.  Thus, their creative marketing strategies are guaranteed to be tailored to their client’s needs and market audience. 

The social media agency provide a comprehensive list of social media services including: 

  • Social media content planning
  • Month-to-month social media management
  • Campaign management
  • Ad buy and social media marketing
  • Photography and videography services


2. DWP Digital

DWP Digital is a social media agency located in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The agency’s mission is to transform how brands operate and market themselves.  The social media marketing agency seeks to bridge the distance between businesses and their intended audiences.  To do so, they’ve employed a professional team of experts fully equipped with the proper insight and creative measures. After all, they believe that the recipe to a successful business lies in an impactful marketing strategy personalized to your brand. 

The social media agency provide a comprehensive list of social media services including: 

  • Content management and planning
  • Social media management (Retainer)
  • Social campaign management
  • Social media marketing
  • Advertisement management
  • Photography and videography


3. Grey Malaysia

Grey Advertising Global is nothing less than an industry veteran with decades of experience in brand and business consultation. Operating as far back as 1917,  this marketing agency is internationally renowned with locations in North America, Europe and even the Middle East. They specialize in deriving creative insight from data-driven results that will surely blow your mind.  


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4. Kingdom Digital

Kingdom Digital is one of Malaysia’s most well-known advertising agencies, with a growing presence in Southeast Asia.  In fact, this marketing agency is also a multi-award-winning champion in social media and content marketing.  After all, Kingdom Digital seeks to humanize the brands they work with by fostering relationships, and they do so with great success.  


5. Team Lewis

Team Lewis is another global marketing agency with locations in Asia, France, Italy, the United States and many more.  Nestled in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Team Lewis offers brand strategies, advertising and many other services through their locally diverse team.  Their Kuala Lumpur branch has also worked with clients from all walks of life, from aviation to insurance companies.  



6. ADA Asia

ADA Asia offers services for business insights, data enrichment and even end-to-end digital marketing solutions.  Although ADA Asia is an international data & artificial intelligence company, they also specialize in analytic marketing and eCommerce solutions.  Their Kuala Lumpur branch isn’t the only one in Southeast Asia either because they operate in over 10 Southeast Asian markets alone.  


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7. Admiral Digital

Admiral Digital takes full advantage of technology-based methods to offer digital marketing services.  This agency has been operating for over five years and has served over 147 satisfied clients.  Admiral Digital’s data specialists draw conclusions from data-based results and brainstorm ideas that can help clients through a logical perspective.  Their team will ensure that they’ll be with you from the start of the journey till the end. 


8. Spin Communication

This agency goes by many labels such as a design agency, social media marketing agency and many more, but there is no doubt that they have all your brand marketing needs covered.  Spin Communications is another multi-talented agency that is apt in marketing services in ways more than one.  Their team of professionals are always welcome to offer their strategic, technological and creative services to help your company.  


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9. McCann Erickson

McCann Erickson is another impressive advertising agency that has over 100 years of experience as an international company.  This agency is also considered one of the most creatively-effective marketing agencies in the industry.  You’ll be surprised to know they’ve worked with brands such as IKEA, L’Oreal, Mastercard and many other internationally renowned brands.  They even have offices in different regions from Africa to the Asia Pacific to offer easily accessible marketing services. 


10. Gapture Malaysia

Gapture Malaysia is a local-based digital marketing agency that has been operating since 2012.  They offer full-service marketing strategies ranging from SEO, Ad Placement & Management and even Website Development.  Their wide range of services can be credited to their team of certified professionals in charge of every step of the marketing process.  Gapture Malaysia’s values in integrity, passion and practised excellence will ensure that you won’t be disappointed by their work.  

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