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What You Need to Know About Upwork & the Gig Economy in Malaysia

What You Need to Know About Upwork & the Gig Economy in Malaysia

Have you ever heard of Upwork and the Gig Economy? If you have but aren’t quite sure what they are about, worry not. Today, our article is on these two topics – Upwork and the Gig Economy in Malaysia. Let’s get started!


What is Upwork?


Upwork is a popular platform among freelancers and agencies who wish to work from home; be it part-time or full-time. In Upwork, it offers secured payments for the freelancers. This is where freelancers can easily find for jobs, and where clients can hire them!

However, extra effort is needed before you start on Upwork. It is crucial that you really learn what Upwork is all about beforehand. Make sure you learn about it in detail, from how much are you getting paid to how much will be deducted from your contract. These details are extremely crucial to know before starting on Upwork. Once you’ve read all the details, you’ll have to take up the Readiness Test. Upon completion of the test, it can actually help in boosting your profile.

Building a portfolio is also necessary for Upwork. This does not only help in showcasing your capabilities, but also expands your chances of getting hired. Not only that, but you should also take up the tests offered by Upwork. These tests can help in deciding your capabilities as a freelancer. All these can make your profile look nicer and convincing for the clients to hire you.

Patience is important when you create a profile on Upwork. You cannot expect that you’ll get a job overnight – it doesn’t work that easily. When you first start, try and apply for a few jobs instead of waiting for clients to hire you. It will get better in the long run, trust us. Keep on applying for jobs until your profile has some success on it. Then, you’ll start having reputable clients contacting you.

What is the Gig Economy?

What is the Gig Economy

The gig economy refers to a work style where independent workers and companies set both skill-based and flexible professional relationships. These relationships are on-demand and temporary. Here is one example to help you understand better: a housewife finds works as a content writer to earn extra income. That is what is meant by the gig economy. 

The gig economy is undoubtedly very popular now, especially with the current advancement of technologies. Employees can choose which job suits them best, while employers can choose the best candidate to complete their projects. This system benefits both employees and employers!

A lot of people have chosen to work in the gig economy for various reasons; such as flexible working hours, gaining more money, and greater independence. In simpler words, they enjoy being their own boss. For those of you who are just starting in the gig economy, why not try using Upwork? Like what we mentioned before, it is an excellent platform for those in the gig economy to find jobs.

Alternative Platforms

Considering how famous the gig economy is now, there are also other alternative platforms besides Upwork. The alternative platforms are:

GoGet Malaysia

That’s all! Hopefully, by now, you would already have an idea about Upwork and the Gig Economy in Malaysia.


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