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Top 10 Website Design Agency in Malaysia

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Many businesses in Malaysia are looking to develop high-converting websites and applications due to the prevalence of the internet. However, finding the right website design agency in Malaysia for you can be daunting. After all, there are numerous website design agencies that offer services from A to Z!  

But what if you had a list to choose from? We compiled a list of Malaysia’s 10 best website design agencies for the interested entrepreneur.  


1. Walk Production

Introduction: Established in 2018, Walk Production is a Malaysia-based website design agency located in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. As a website development company, Walk Production offers complete services in website design, brand management, content creation and digital aspects of marketing. Although web designing and branding are just the tip of the iceberg, this agency excels most in executing effective and humanised business solutions. Walk Production’s excellent team of designers, business consultants, copywriters and digital marketers tailor website solutions for your company.

Services: Walk Production offers full-fledged services from corporate website solutions such as website architecture, website copywriting and UIUX design, website development to search engine optimisation (SEO).  In short, this agency can be summarised as a corporate website specialist. Moreover, Walk Production’s fluency in WordPress entails special incentives for WordPress clients with convenient and easily customisable CMS.  

Recommended for: B2B companies, service providers and corporates are most suited for Walk Production’s various services. Walk Production is perfect for clients ideally looking for top-notch and informative websites.

2. Orangesoft

Introduction: Orangesoft is a company that specializes in mobile and web app development. Website and app development becomes a hand-in-hand process with Orangesoft’s culture of accompanying clients throughout the process and after. After all, Orangesoft’s team of UI/UX designers, web developers, project managers and many more share a common goal- to offer continuous support to clients as long-term partners.  

Services: Orangesoft offers services in web and mobile app development, such as iOS development, android development, UI/UX design etc. Clients can satisfy their needs from mere web design to web maintenance. However, a notable feature of Orangesoft’s services is their proficiency in Drupal as a CMS.  

Recommended for: Orangesoft’s services are ideal for clients centred on website and app development. They are also suitable for clients that utilize or are interested in Drupal. 

3. DWP Digital

Introduction: DWP Digital is another full-service web design agency in Selangor. This web design agency specializes in comprehensive digital marketing solutions for any online business to thrive. Although DWP Digital’s services aren’t extensive, all aspects of online marketing are firmly covered by their services in SEO, social media marketing and website development. All DWP Digital clients receive effective solutions involved in creative development, digital marketing, and even the content production of the business.  

Services: DWP Digital’s services fall under three categories, which are social media marketing, SEO and website development. Clients can increase brand awareness, visibility, and engagement through DWP Digital’s effective social media strategies in management and marketing. Moreover, DWP Digital also emphasizes the element of brand & target market relationships as the core of their social media strategies. On the website development aspect, the agency offers a unique website development package that includes web architecture, UI/UX design, content writing, hosting and web development all in 1.

Recommended for: DWP Digital is highly recommended for B2B companies, corporates and service providers aiming for a high-quality and informative online direction. The company’s website development package, which includes the common yet vital staples of website development, positions DWP Digital as ideal for in-depth website creation. 

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4. Web Ninja Studio

Introduction: Web Ninja Studio is known for their user-optimized website designs and increased conversion rates. Web Ninja Studio aims to accentuate the brand identity of their clients through effective and impactful web development. After all, Web Ninja Studio prides in their experienced web designers that are capable of combining beautiful website designs that are equally functional and high-end.  

Services: Web Ninja Studio offers services ranging from eCommerce website development to branding & design. The company covers almost all bases of website development. However, a noteworthy feature of Web Ninja Studio is their experience in eCommerce website development. Web Ninja Studio’s team of professionals has over five years of experience developing eCommerce websites.

Recommended for: Web Ninja Studio is highly suitable for eCommerce clients due to the agency’s experience in the industry. In fact, most of Web Ninja Studio’s clients are from retail or eCommerce. Therefore, they’re a suitable option for clients seeking to establish a strong identity in eCommerce. 

5. Webz

Introduction: Webz is one of the most veteran web designing and marketing agencies in KL.  As an industry veteran, Webz offers services that cover branding, design and developmental aspects of digital marketing.  In fact, they’re most recognizable for their clean and unique website designs and applications. Every website that Webz creates is custom-made and tailored according to their various clients. The recipe to Webz’s success is their balance between creativity and quality while understanding the needs of their clients.  

Services: Webz offers various services such as web design, web support, e-mail hosting, digital marketing, graphic design and many more. However, there is no doubt that websites are the agency’s strong point.  Many of their services are focused on website development and maintenance. In fact, Webz also offers a unique subscription plan for website maintenance that ensures clients only receive the most relevant and up-to-date adjustments. Webz has everything clients need for their website, from simple HTML to complicated layouts.  

Recommended for: Webz is recommended for corporates looking to prioritize their website as the brand’s focal point. 


6. Jumpstart Commerce

Introduction: Jumpstart Commerce is one of the top Shopify website developers in South East Asia. The company centres around Shopify by offering digital, technological and operation-based services to Shopify clients. This is because Jumpstart Commerce has an aim to stimulate Asian Pacific businesses online by focusing on one of the largest eCommerce platforms available.  

Services: All of Jumpstart Commerce’s services are tailored for Shopify clients. After all, Jumpstart Commerce is one of the go-to options in Malaysia for Shopify web designing. Whether it’s eCommerce solutions or web design, Jumpstart Commerce can guarantee clients an impactful and effective website through their team of creative professionals. Business owners can easily focus on their business’s growth when Jumpstart Commerce handles the developmental complexities of their website.

Recommended for: Jumpstart Commerce is ideal for clients that use Shopify as their central eCommerce platform.

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7. Meekco

Introduction: Meekco is among the top Shopify experts in Malaysia and Singapore.  After all, Meekco is one of the best-rated conversion marketing companies available, and they have many satisfied customers to prove it. Their success is no headscratcher either because they follow a simple recipe to creating an effective and functional website. Meekco combines a converting UI/UX design with global growth hacking, omnichannel marketing and saas modern tech integration that only their professionals can easily achieve.  

Services: Meekco offers many services tailored to Shopify clients, such as UI/UX design, web optimisation, website development, landing page creation, analytics and many more.  Their professional team also focuses on creating the most compelling user experiences that guarantee high converts.  However, a notable service of Meekco that sets it apart from others is fully integrated automation. Whether it’s personalised email marketing or list management and segmentation, Meekco believes integrated automation is the tool for any Shopify client.  

Recommended for: Meekco offers a range of services most suitable for Shopify clients. Therefore, they’re ideal for any eCommerce business that opts for Shopify as an eCommerce platform.  

8. AppleSeeds

Introduction: AppleSeeds has served companies in web development and web designing in Kuala Lumpur. After all, this company has a mission to bring people closer to information through high-quality user-optimised products. AppleSeeds also believe in their company culture of honesty, integrity and sustainability values. This positive attitude has also strengthened partnerships and honoured their mission to do right by their clients for many years.  

Services: AppleSeeds is known for website and app development in the online marketing industry.  In fact, this company specialises in creating custom-tailored websites and mobile applications that are most effective and functional. AppleSeeds creates websites that accentuate the company’s pros and appropriately convey them through engaging UI/UX design and creative websites. Many clients and users find AppleSeeds’ work to be user-friendly, thus, simplifying business processes and increasing productivity.  

Recommended for: Users looking for fully customised or media websites are AppleSeeds’ ideal customer base.  In fact, many of AppleSeeds’ clients are media outlets or online community hubs.

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9. JustSimple

Introduction: JustSimple is a true Kuala Lumpur website development veteran. The company has developed many tools, such as their own CMS and easily integrated templates. One can easily conclude that JustSimple is among Malaysia’s leading web design agencies. JustSimple’s multidisciplinary team has easily delivered high-profile content for many years.

Services: JustSimple has many services, such as web design & development, digital branding, SEO, eCommerce web design, Facebook marketing, content marketing and many more. The agency has an inclusive umbrella of services that covers all sectors from B2B to Retail.

Recommended for: JustSimple is eligible to serve all clients, from B2B to B2C.  But there is no doubt that their web development and web design is one of their most noteworthy services among the rest.

10. CUBEevo

Introduction: CUBEevo is a website development agency that deals with both online and offline channels as part of their services. After all, CUBEevo only believes in true brand perfection, regardless if it’s retail advertising or modern digital experiences. CUBEevo has also worked with numerous clients ranging from local businesses to international companies.  

Services: CUBEevo specializes in services that include branding, advertising, packaging design, web design & development, marketing, UI/UX design and even media & print publication. The agency covers a business’s marketing needs from head to toe as a jack of all trades. By engaging with a business’s online and offline channels, they can execute newfound possibilities for high conversion and success.  

Recommended for: CUBEevo is suitable for clients interested in both online and offline services, especially with CUBEevo’s packaging, media and print services. Clients can create effective websites with CUBEevo’s services that touch upon all aspects of the business.

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