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Top 10 WordPress Hosting Review and Pricing in Malaysia 2020

Top 10 WordPress Hosting Review and Pricing in Malaysia 2020

Looking at the title, you might be scratching your head wondering what is a WordPress hosting, and why the need for a review.

Have you ever visited a website and clicked on a link that took too long to load?

Have you ever encountered a link that triggers new tabs for various advertisements?

More often than not, internet users immediately shut down those webpages. If a site isn’t performing optimally or doesn’t seem safe, users feel threatened and decide to leave the site.

Crediting the advancement of technology, we expect immediate results right after clicking on a link.

On the other hand, despite the convenience technology brings, we are also warned about the dangers of the internet.

Hence, many of us tend to surf the fastest and the safest websites. 

If you’re running a blog or a managing website, the chances are that your online platform is not generating as much traffic as you like.

Therefore, it’s time to consider a hosting domain that can help to maintain your online platform effectively.

This article provides you with a review of the top 10 WordPress hosting in Malaysia 2020 along with its pricing.


1. Shinjiru Malaysia

Shinjiru Malaysia
Image Credit: Shinjiru Web Hosting

On top of our review list for the best WordPress hosting, is Shinjiru.

At only RM11.66 per month, Shinjuru helps you to handle your website effectively and efficiently.

They offer an unlimited amount of disk space, which is perfect for those who are running multiple sites or a blog with high traffics. 

With Shinjuru, you can expand your website without having to worry about lagging issues and slow loading problems.

When you feel like you’re putting a strain on your website, Shinjuru will have you covered. They are always on the prowl for bugs, so if your blog is a little slow, they will fix it in no time!

Shinjuru’s plan also comes with a free site developer. You can have your website up and running with just a few clicks!

2.  Rocksoft

Image Credit: Rocksoft Cloud

If you need a do-it-all host, Rocksoft is one of the best options.

Leaning towards the more expensive side, Rocksoft guarantees complete coverage on your website at RM70 a month.

One of the best services offered by Rocksoft is their 24/7 customer service representatives.

Whenever you encounter technical issues, contact Rocksoft customer service representatives and expect prompt replies anytime. 

Besides, Rocksoft also offer one-click install scripts for a smooth web development process! This feature is especially useful for beginners on web developing.

There’s no need to crack your head over writing scripts for your website, as your host has got your back!

Rocksoft also offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space, even for the lowest payment plan.

3. Hostinger

Image Credit: Hostinger

If you’re looking to host only one website, Hostinger offers you a price like no other.

At a rock bottom price of only RM3.60 per month, they provide many services to make your subscription payment worthwhile. 

Hostinger provides unlimited disc space and unlimited bandwidth. The best aspect of this web host is that they back up all your data!

During accidents such as technical issues or editing mistakes, you can retrieve your web information that is stored by your host.

Hostinger has another affordable plan for those who own more than one website. At just RM14.50, you’ll get to access more benefits and protection.


4. MTA Solutions

Image Credit: MTA Solutions Web Design and Hosting Company

This web host is perfect for online business owners as they have web builders made exclusively for online businesses.

At just RM33 a month, you can get around-the-clock customer services via phone call, live chat, and email. 

Their MTA Solutions plan comes with a free SSL certificate. Prepare to bid goodbye to those pesky hackers! 

You can also use their “drag and drop” web builder. This function makes it easier to create a website that’s up to your standard. The web builder is super customizable too!

5. Exabytes 

Image Credit: Exabytes (MY)

This host goes the extra mile to provide the best services for their customers.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Exabytes promises quality services and strong protections to your websites. 

Their premium plan is priced at RM 48.99 per month, offering unlimited storage space and bandwidth limits.

By subscribing to Exabytes, you’re also signing up for an experienced host. They’ve been providing services to nearly 100, 000 websites in Malaysia. 

This host is an excellent option if you’re running more than one website.

They offer a package deal where the more you use their service, the more you save. Be sure to check them out!


6. iCore

Image Credit: Icore Technology

If you’re looking for variety and value, iCore offers customizable plans to address your website’s needs.

The best service plan is priced at RM99 a year, offering one host domain, 10gb of storage space, 100gb of bandwidth, and unlimited email accounts that are free.

They also provide a free SSL certificate to safeguard your website form any potential threats. 

Other than their user-friendly web control panels, they offer free web migration services too!

7. DataKL

Image Credit: DataKL

At a price as low as RM6.25 per month, DataKL offers a shared hosting plan that caters to small websites.

DataKL provides unlimited storage space and bandwidth, as well as a free domain name upon the purchase of any hosting plan. 

Additionally, this host also offers a free shopping cart option for those who run an online business.

Do not worry about forking out a massive sum of money for these features.

8. Walk Production

Walk Production
Image Credit: Walk Production

If you’re looking for a host that can help you to maintain your website and design your visions and ideas, Walk Production is the best option.

They offer hassle-free hosting management services.

With a team of experienced web designers, rest assured that your website is customized in precisely the ways you like.

With their ‘pull and drag’ system, you can effortlessly update all your web page’s information.

9. WebServer Malaysia

WebServer Malaysia
Image Credit: WebServer MY

Even at its cheapest plan, this host promises excellent services that make your spending worthwhile.

WebServer Malaysia offers affordable plans starting from as low as RM5.66 per month.

If you’re new to the industry, we highly recommend this host. They offer a free website builder with nearly 100 template options.

The builder also allows easy plugins or embed options.

Despite the affordable plans, they provide one of the best customer services among their competitors!

10. ServerFreak Malaysia

Image Credit: ServerFreak

Finally, we’re down to the last review of the best WordPress hosting.

This host is best known for providing excellent server systems that can handle the busiest websites.

The plus point of ServerFreak is their unlimited VPS plan. With this service, you can use up as much storage space as you want without having to worry about weighing down the server system. 

On the other hand, this host is a great option to consider if you’re running a relatively small website.

The plans at ServerFreak is phenomenal. At as low as RM13.30 a month, you’ll obtain professional assistance from a reliable host. 

We hope that our picks of the Top 10 WordPress Hosting in Malaysia with review has helped you decide on which host to consider for your website. 

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