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Presto Seller Guide: How to sign up as a seller on Presto Mall?

How to sign up as a seller on Presto Mall

Previously known as 11street Malaysia, Presto Mall is Malaysia’s largest home-grown online marketplace that is part of Presto. The registration process to become a Presto Mall seller is pretty straightforward as well. Read on, and we will guide you through it step-by-step!


1. Determine the type of seller you intend to be

According to the type of seller you plan to be, the documents that you will need to prepare will differ. The type of seller is split into two, namely: Business seller, and Global seller.

  • For business sellers, the documentation needed comprises: a copy of Representative MyKad or passport, a copy of your bank statement or passbook, a copy of your utility bill header, a copy of Form9, a copy of Form49 (not required for partnership companies), and a copy of the GST approval form-Customs (optional). 
  • To become a global seller, the documentation required includes: a copy of your business license or passport, a copy of your bank account passbook or statement (only USD, SGD, and CNY currencies are accepted), and a copy of the tax registration certificate.

2. Sign up for a seller account

With all the necessary documents in hand, proceed to Presto Mall Seller Office to sign up as a seller. When you do that, you will first be asked to select your seller type you would like to sign up. 

3. Fill up your information

Next, proceed to fill up a registration form which entails of three parts—seller information, business details, and bank account. One thing to note is that the bank account section refers to the settlement method. Here, you will be made to choose between bank transfer and seller cash.

If you choose bank transfer, the settlement will be transferred directly into your bank account. In contrast, if you select seller cash, the settlement will only be transferred into your seller account. You will then have to transfer the settlement to your bank account manually.


4. Upload required documents

When you’re done filling up your details, scroll down further to upload the necessary documents. You will be given the option of either uploading the files on the spot or sending the documents via email after the sign-up process.

5. Verify your account

Once you’ve submitted the form, an authentication link will be sent to your registered email. Verifying this will then allow you to shop on Presto Mall.

For your seller status to be approved, on the other hand, you will have to wait a bit longer as your details have to be reviewed. This process will typically be done within 7 working days, and soon, you will be able to sell on Presto Mall!


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