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How to Register Maybank2U?

Register Maybank2U

In today’s era of globalisation, online banking is no longer a foreign concept. Online banking has made life easier for many people as it does away with the need for physical trips to the bank, and time-consuming processes can be completed almost instantly with just a few taps on the screen.

Many countries have implemented online banking practices, and Malaysia has followed suit. This can be seen by the various online banking websites and mobile apps available in Malaysia. One of these is Maybank2U, one of Malaysia’s most famous online banking sites which is linked to Maybank.

If you are a customer that holds Maybank’s Credit Card / ATM / Debit Card, you can register for Maybank2U! Thus, today, we will be writing about the steps on how to register for Maybank2U to help you out.



  1. Firstly, search up
  2. Then, choose Register Now and click on it.
  3. Next, type in your Credit Card / ATM / Debit / Access Number and your 6-digit PIN number. Ensure that you tick on the Terms & Conditions. Once you’ve done that, click NEXT.
  4. Start creating your account profile. This is where you need to create a username, password and confirm your password. Then, request for a TAC.
  5. Finalise your account’s security image, phrase, and question.
  6. Lastly, click on Done, and you have completed your registration!

And that’s about it. Follow these simple steps to register as a Maybank2U user today!

Everything is much easier with online banking.

For easy access to all features, download the Maybank2U mobile app on Google Play or App Store now.


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