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10 Ways For Students To Earn Extra Cash in Malaysia

10 Ways For Students To Earn Extra Cash in Malaysia

Higher education can be expensive. Many students in Malaysia are looking to earn extra income while studying for different purposes.

Some are making money to buy educational materials, while some are trying to lighten the burden of their parents.

Besides, some students wish to gain working experiences and include them in their resumes. 

No matter why you wish to generate extra income, this article is for you. There are many ways for students in Malaysia to earn extra cash.

In this article, we’ve prepared a list of tried and true methods for students to make extra money. Let’s check it out! 


1. Tutoring

The classes in universities are not as packed as the ones during primary and secondary schools.

In other words, you tend to have more time to spare after lectures in universities.

If you have free periods, use those to tutor either your classmates or your juniors instead!

This is one of the most popular ways to earn extra income in Malaysia as a student.

Alternatively, you can even schedule classes and workshops beyond the campus, tutoring primary or secondary school students in that area!

It doesn’t have to he academic wise; you can also share your knowledge on different skills, such as foreign languages, music, painting or speaking.

Decide on your hourly rate and prepare to have interactive sessions with your students daily or weekly.

While teaching or tutoring, you might also get to reinforce your knowledge while helping a student in need. It’s a win-win situation!

2. Sell your old textbooks

Another way you can earn extra income as a student in Malaysia is by selling your old textbooks. Higher education materials such as textbooks and reference books can cost an arm and a leg.

This is especially the case when your course relies heavily on a wide array of primary reading materials.

Thus, selling old textbooks and reference books can be an excellent option to generate some side income.

Depending on the condition of your books, you can resell your reading materials for even a 50% of their original prices.

If your books are in good condition, you can markdown the original price by a minimum of 10%.

Not only will you get to spend less on your future reading materials, you also provide help for students who are struggling financially.

3. Secure a part-time gig

Since part-timers acquire less salary than full-time workers, many shops are continually hiring part-time workers to maximise their profits.

Use this opportunity to apply for a part-time job and earn some extra money.

Remember that you are looking for a working schedule that fits your classes timetable, and not the other way around. 

It is also worth mentioning that having to balance your work and studies may be challenging. Our advice is to prepare a daily timetable and follow it strictly.

Make sure that you make time for your work, education, and social life.

Being able to balance school and work effectively will give you a stamp of approval from your future employers! 


4. Sign up for delivery services

Students who own vehicles such as motorcycles and cars are in for the big bucks!

With companies like GrabFood, foodpanda, dahmakan, and GoGet, you can easily earn extra income in Malaysia by working for food delivery companies. 

At a minimum of RM5 per trip, you can make money by providing food delivery services during your class breaks.

Besides, these companies allow riders to work on flexible hours.

If you’re having a busy week prepping for finals, you can stop working for a week without facing the risk of losing your job.

Be sure always to practise safe driving and riding while delivering food, especially during peak hours. 

5. Sell your notes

Don’t throw away or delete your notes taken during classes. Sell your notes to students who miss classes and help your peers who lack note-taking skills. 

Utilise social media platforms to promote your work. Instead of uploading all your notes, post previews of them and key in the price for their complete versions!

Selling your notes can motivate you to be more attentive during classes. Meanwhile, you’re also more likely to remember the class contents as well.

While check-listing all the As on your result sheets, fill your pockets with side income simultaneously! 


6. Start a YouTube channel

Many students prefer company while studying or rushing through assignments.

There’s a trend where YouTubers document hours of footage while they are reading or completing assignments.

On your YouTube homepage, key in “study with me” and expect to see vlogs of YouTubers and their viewers pulling an all-nighter studying for their finals. 

Check out this popular video as an example on how you can do yours!

This type of vlogging requires minimal video editing skills, which allows you to focus more on your studies. You will only need to ignore the camera and concentrate on note-making and memorisation.

Prepare to pass your degree with flying colours while earning money!

7. Complete online surveys

Final year seniors are not the only ones offering paid participations for their final year projects.

Multiple researching companies pay participants who respond to their questionnaires. 

However, we must warn you to always check for the validity of those questionnaire sites.

Some might obtain and expose your personal information and bank details without paying you.

If you’re uncertain about some websites, contact them via their customer service portals or ask for a second opinion. 

Click here to view an example of a website which offers paid online survey.

8. Start an e-hailing service

This is yet another method to kill two birds with one stone. Are you planning to drive to somewhere else after classes? Look for others who need a ride and earn side incomes!

If you manage to start an e-hailing service with a fully functional application, just know the future holds something special for you! Recruit other interested drivers and riders and expand your e-hailing business. 

However, starting an e-hailing business can be time-consuming. Make sure that you have enough time to spend on your studies. 

Examples of e-hailing services which you can try out is Grab and MyCar.

9. Manage social media accounts

If you’re interested in generating social media content such as videos, statuses, and memes, use this interest to your advantage!

Most growing businesses are always looking for individuals to run their social media accounts. 

Skills such as photo editing, video editing, good command of language, and creativity are vital for managing social media accounts.

Create an online platform, such as a website or a social media account, to showcase your skills. Don’t be shy to reach out to growing businesses and offer to work for them. 

Besides managing social media accounts to grow businesses, you can also search for job opportunities among the university’s clubs and societies. 

10. Sell snacks

Are you good at cooking or baking? Try making some snacks and sell them to your peers!

If you heard of an upcoming event or a function in the university, grab the opportunity by offering to sell snacks. 

Regularly advertise your products on social media. You can also try to get featured on the university’s website!

Keep an eye on the market demands. During exam week, stock up on individual 3-in-1 coffee packets to sell to your friends.

A sure-fire way to earn money is by selling popular food items. For instance, invest in a box of Samyang sauce and sell individual packets at a higher price.

These sauces come in handy for a quick and easy dorm meal. Another plus point for you is that they are non-perishable, ensuring safe and easy storage!

There you have it! A list of things you can do to earn that extra cash while studying in college. Be sure to find a balance between your classes and work.

You don’t want to end up sleeping in class and missing out on the lecture contents. Good luck!

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